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Gold Chains.

I stock small selection of chains for sale on the internet which are in addition to those held at the antiques centre.

Due to a severe shortage of chains, vintage single Albert chains are only for sale to customers who are purchasing or have in the past purchased, a pocket watch

For advice of selecting a chain please see my blog post here. The relatively thin gold chains by themselves do not photograph well against a plain background (and get lost against a patterned one) and frequently appear very bright or dull. I can, on request, advise or photograph the chain and watch together which normally produces a much better result.

Some chains have a "tail" to attach a fob medal, if not used the tail can be tucked out of the way when worn or it can be detached, please specify when ordering if you want me to do that for you, the spare links will be taken off and sent with the chain.

All shown here are stock items, those at the antique centres not being shown. All clips work and are secure unless otherwise stated, the length quoted excludes the clips etc. I am limited to the number of pictures I can have on the web site but click on picture and you may find another.

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    Silver chains are listed under Silver Watch Chains. Leather goods are now listed here.

  • Gold Watch Chains. Chains

    Describing colour is also difficult but I am from April 2017 going to attempt it where the chain is not what I would consider a natural gold colour (somewhere between yellow and rose gold), the picture above shows a range of gold chains from the top, a fairly dark rose gold through to a light rose gold (with copper in the alloy), then yellow gold (the bright one third from bottom is new, the rest being vintage or antique) and at the bottom a medium green chain (with tin in the alloy). High carat chains tend to be rather darker and more golden than 9 carat chains.

    Judging by the wide variety of colours I see it would seem that users in the past were not that fussy at matching chains to watches (except perhaps for green gold) as there are lots of light to medium rose gold chains about but almost all watches are yellow gold. The watch on the right of the picture is English 9 carat solid gold, the one on the left is a Dennison "Moon" grade in 10 carat filled gold and is the normal colour for Dennison cases. I use the darkish rose gold chain at the top of the picture with all gold watches.


    Gold Watch Chains. CH570

    CH570. Double Albert, Graduated Curb Chain, 12K Rolled Gold.

    Light rose gold. Bar stamped 12K Rolled Gold. Weight: 28.9 grams. Length: 17 cm + 17 cm + 2 cm. £100.

    Gold Watch Chains. CH450

    CH450. Double Albert Curb Chain, 9K Rolled Gold.

    Dark rose gold. Weight 32.4 grams. Length: 15 cm + 15 cm + 2 cm. £100.

    Gold Watch Chains. CH496

    CH496. Double Albert Long Link Curb Chain, 9K Rolled Gold.

    Dark yellow gold. Bar stamped "T+H". Weight: 41.9 grams (and looks heavier). Length: 16 cm + 16 cm + 1 cm.

    Gold Watch Chains. CH438

    CH438. Double Albert, Fancy Chain, 18K Rolled Gold.

    Yellow rolled gold. Weight 22.9 grams. Length: 17 cm + 17cm +1cm +1cm. £90.

    Gold Watch Chains. CH571

    CH571. Double Albert Curb Chain, 9K Rolled Gold.

    Yellow Gold. Weight 18.2 grams. Length: 16 cm + 16 cm + 3 cm. £65.

    Gold Watch Chains. CH572

    CH572. Double Albert Curb Chain, 9K Rolled Gold.

    Yellow gold with a light green tinge. Weight: 20.6 grams. Length: 15 cm + 15 cm + 2.5 cm. £60.

    Gold Watch Chains. CH569

    CH569. Double Albert Graduated Curb Chain, 9K Rolled Gold.

    Yellow Gold. Modern and probably unused it is similar to the new chains below but with slightly larger links. Weight: 44.5 grams. Length: 15 cm + 15 cm +2 cm. £50

    Gold Watch Chains. CH600

    CH600. Single Albert Graduated Curb Chain. 9k Rolled Gold.

    Yellow gold.

    Weight: 35.5 grams.

    Length: 24cm + 3cm.

    Medal stamped Rolled Gold and with a makers mark "HP" (merged together). The bar is marked "R G". the clip is marked "MFH".

    No engraving, click the picture to see the reverse.

    Gold Watch Chains. CH394

    CH394. Single Albert Long Link Curb Chain. 9k Rolled Gold.

    Yellow gold with just a hint of green.

    Weight: 36.2 grams.

    Length: 26cm + 5cm.

    Note that this is quite a substantial looking chain with each link almost 2cm long.


    Gold Watch Chains. CH590

    CH590. Single Albert Long Link Curb Chain. 18k Rolled Gold.

    Very pale rose gold. Bar stamped "Rolled Gold 18 Carat" and an unreadable makers name.

    Weight: 29.5 grams.

    Length: 29cm + 4 cm.


    Gold Watch Chains. CH601

    CH601. Single Albert Curb Chain. 9k Rolled Gold.

    Yellow Gold.

    Weight: 26.6 grams.

    Length: 26 cm + 4 cm.

    Chain and clip stamped "R G".

    Gold Watch Chains. CH466

    CH466. Single Albert Curb Chain, 9K rolled gold.

    There is a noticeable green tinge to this chain.

    Weight: 23.1 grams.

    Length: 22cm + 3 cm.


    Gold Watch Chains. CH353

    CH353. Single Albert "Trombone" Chain, 9K rolled gold.

    Yellow gold with a very slight green tinge.

    Weight: 13.4 grams.

    Length: 26 cm + 5 cm.


    Gold Watch Chains. CH474

    CH474. Long link Single Curb Chain, Geldine.

    Marked Geldine REGd and NCB Co, probably not rolled gold but a pale yellow base metal.

    Weight 27.9 gram.

    Length: 24cm + 4 cm.



    These chains are newly manufactured but are genuinely of yellow rolled gold not made by electroplating or other processes. I normally have stock available for immediate shipment, if I have a rush on them it will normally be possible to ship in 2 or 3 working days.

    Gold Watch Chains. CHStd

    New Rolled Gold Double Albert Curb Chains

    CH1002S Links: 5.2 x 7mm - "Standard" Weight £50

    As single chains pictured below but with a second long chain and clip.

    New Rolled Gold Single Albert Curb Chains

    CH1001L: links 3.5 x 5mm - "Light" Weight £37

    CH1001S: links 5.2 x 7mm - "Standard" Weight £37.

    CH1001H: links 7.5 x 9mm - "Heavy" Weight £37.

    All are c 19 cm long with a 2.5cm tail.

    Gold Watch Chains. RGS
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