30th March 2017 
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I am a specialist UK based restorer and seller of old pocket watches dating from the mid 19th century onwards, that's all I do - no wristwatches and no servicing, restoration or repairs for other people.

Late Winter closure

I am currently closed for on-line sales and will reopen late on the 6th April. During this period I will be answering emails etc. and can reserve watches if requested.

Watches may still be purchased in person from Brackley and individual watches can be moved there given a little notice.

At the moment there seems to be repeated problems on Sundays displaying photos from Zenfolio, experience says they will be OK late in the day or on Monday. Very annoying!

Stock is dependent on what I am able to buy in for restoration but a good selection of old American, English and Swiss pocket watches is usually available. At the time of writing 40% of what I have on offer are antique watches dating from before 1916 the rest being “Vintage", this is quite typical of the watches I deal in. I rarely have vintage pocket watches for sale from after 1945.

Depending on availability I specialise in watches by J.W. Benson, American Waltham, English keyless designs from companies such as Rotherham, Errington, William Ehrhardt and The Lancashire Watch Co.. Also Swiss watches by makers International Watch Co. (IWC), Omega, Longines, Zenith, Tavannes / Cyma, Büren and Revue Thommen (branded Vertex, Limit, Russell, etc.). I am also doing an increasing number and variety of American Railroad watches - when I can get them.

Most of these old watches I have for sale are in Silver, Rolled / Filled gold or base metal cases, but I sometimes have a few in solid 9 carat gold primarily Swiss made for Benson and by English makers, these are limited in number because of the higher risk involved and the lower margin on a high value item that, if sold in any number, would quickly push me over the VAT registration limit and thus increase the selling price of all my watches.

All are available for sale online and selected watches are also available from The Brackley Antiques Cellar.

I have put some advice on buying old watches and other FAQs on my Blog and indexed them on a separate FAQs page.

A small stock of antique & vintage silver, rolled gold and base metal chains and watch fob medals are available for sale at The Brackley Antiques Cellar and online so that you can buy a complete ensemble.
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As this is a retirement business I keep my turnover below the VAT registration level so that I am not required to charge VAT on sales saving customers inside the EU at least 9% but this does mean that there is no reduction for customers in other countries.

Important information for Customers outside of the UK.
The Royal Mail have withdrawn a key mailing option, please see International shipping options on the next page

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News & Blog Postings

News of particularly interesting pocket watches for sale and short posts on horology related subjects are available on my Facebook page (just click “Like” below if you are on Facebook), many of these are also available on my Blog together with some longer articles. Blog posting can be received by e-mail and through various feeds such as RSS by visiting the Blog and registering for the appropriate service.

Oxford Pocket Watches

Selected Pocket Watches are on display at

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The Brackley Antiques Cellar, Northamptonshire

    Cabinet 59A
    The Brackley Antiques Cellar
    Drayman’s Walk
    NN13 6BE Map


"The largest purpose-built centre in the Midlands" with over 200 dealers.

Winner: Homes & Antiques Magazine "Antiques Centre of the Year 2013".

Open 10:00 till 17:00 7 days a week (Except Christmas day, Boxing day & New Years day), it is under Waitrose Supermarket and has free parking and a Tea Room.

Please note that Brackley do not ship watches on my behalf and cannot provide stock updates, any enquiries should be addressed to me by e-mail.

About me and what I do & don't do

I started by restoring old antique and vintage pocket watches for my personal satisfaction, but after a while my collection started to get out of hand so when I retired in early 2009 I started dealing in them, at first on e-bay where I had (and have) 100% approval rating, universally good feedback and a number of repeat customers from as far afield as Australia and Brazil. Volume increased and by 2012 I was mainly selling from three antiques markets.

In August 2012 I set up this web site and it is now my primary outlet as I subsequently withdrew from two of the antiques markets as I could not keep them stocked, also I was spending too much time travelling retrieving stock that had sold on-line. I am still at The Brackley Antiques Cellar, which is reasonably local, where prospective customers can see before they buy.

Since setting up the web site I have sold close to 1,000 vintage and antique pocket watches and expect to be well over that number by the 5th anniversary. Having been caught out twice early on reselling watches bought in from apparently reputable eBay dealers as fully service & restored - that had not been, every watch is stripped, restored, serviced and tested by me, a description of what that means plus warranty information can be found on the next page here.

Please note that except for warranty work and occasional repairs of watches that I have sold and that the buyer has dropped and broken I do not do repairs or restorations of watches I do not own. Also I do not buy in watches via this web site, it has the potential to create agro I do not need and to sell at the prices I do I have to buy cheap and that means careful buying at auction, for advice on selling old pocket watches see my blog.

Facebook Postings

Oxford Pocket Watches

Oxford Pocket Watches

Recently Added.

Particularly good, rare or interesting watches are usually put on my Facebook page and frequently sell within hours or even minutes so to stand the best chance of getting one of these it would be best to follow me on Facebook.


Watch of the month (so far): E768. Rotherham, 19J Half Hunter Ladies or Fob watch, English Silver, 1907.

E768 Rotherham 19J half hunter fob watch 1907 (2)

English Pocket Watches

  • E763. Rotherham for Cameron, 13J, English Silver, 1890.
  • E768. Rotherham, 19J Half Hunter Ladies or Fob watch, English Silver, 1907.

    Pocket Watches by J.W. Benson

  • SOLD J.W. Benson The "Bank" Watch, 11J, English Silver, 1904.
  • S828. J.W. Benson The "City" Watch, 15J, English Silver, 1938.
  • SOLD J.W. Benson The "Ludgate" Watch (Key Set), 13J, English Silver, 1891.
  • SOLD J.W. Benson The "Bank" Watch, 11J, English Silver, 1897.
  • E770. J.W. Benson The "Bank" Watch, 9J, English Silver, 1895.
  • SOLD J.W. Benson The "Bank" Watch, 11J, English 9 Carat Gold, 1931.

    Swiss Pocket Watches

  • S827. Stauffer "Peerless" (IWC Cal 57), 15J, Gun Metal, 1899.
  • S829. Stauffer (Revue), 15J, c1930.
  • S830. Stauffer "Peerless" (IWC Cal 52), 15J, Sterling Silver, 1912.
  • S831. Stauffer (Revue) 15J Half Hunter, Filled Gold, c1930.
  • S832. Unsigned Swiss, 17J, English Silver, 1917.
  • S833. Omega, 15J, Swiss 935 Silver, 1907/08.

    American Pocket Watches

  • W691. Waltham 1892-PSB 2-Tone, 17J, Chrome Plated,1907.
  • W718. Waltham 1899-620, 15J, Filled Gold, 1904.
  • W719. Waltham 1899-625, 17J half Hunter, Rolled Gold, 1904.
  • W720. Waltham 1899-Vanguard, 19J Hunter, 14K Filled Gold, 1904.


    English Pocket Watches

  • SOLD Rotherham 19J Dress Watch, English 14 Carat Gold, 1932.
  • SOLD Rotherham, 19J Hunter, 14K Filled Gold, c1929.
  • E757. Rotherham for Spirodion, Half Hunter, English Silver, 1891.
  • E759. Rotherham for Page et al, 19J, c1915 re-cased English Silver 1890.
  • SOLD Rotherham, 19J Hunter, English Silver 1904.

    Pocket Watches by J.W. Benson & P & A Guye

  • S823. J.W. Benson "City Watch", 15J Half Hunter, English Silver, 1936.
  • E756. John Cooke (J.W. Benson Bank), 9J, English Silver, 1890.
  • S824. J.W. Benson "Greenwich" , 15J, English Silver, 1932/3.
  • S825. J.W. Benson "City Watch", 15J, English Silver, 1938.
  • SOLD J.W. Benson (Guye), 17J Half Hunter, English Silver, 1878.
  • SOLD J.W. Benson, The "Bank" Watch, 11J half hunter, English Silver, 1904.
  • SOLD J.W. Benson The "Ludgate" Watch (Key Set), 13J, English Silver, 1885.

    American Pocket Watches

  • W715. Waltham 1899-Traveler Half Hunter, English Silver, 1904.
  • W716. Waltham 1908-Traveler Half Hunter, Rolled Gold, 1927/8

    Swiss Pocket Watches

  • S826. Omega, 15j Half Hunter, Sterling Silver, 1907/8.


    Due to the way I track stock on my Excel spread sheet from which this list is derived, the list will not normally include items on the web site but reserved nor those still in final test and not available for shipment, however the latter are shown above under New Stock.

    Gold refers to Rolled, Filled and, rarely, solid Gold. Silver refers to English Sterling Silver, imported Silver of various grades with or without English hallmarks and very occasionally Filled Silver - see listing for details. "Silveroid" is the trade name of a Nickel Alloy, in this list I use it generically to cover all variants such as OreSilver, Silveroid etc. the full listing will show which variant it is.

    Stock at Brackley is also available online but is listed separately.

    Web Stock as @ 18:00 27th March.

    English Pocket Watches

    E676 Rotherham for Aldred, Silver 19J 1900 £450
    E710 Rotherham, Silver 19J 1899 £420
    E757 Rotherham for Spiridion, Silver 7J Half Hunter,1891 £400
    E763 Rotherham for Cameron, Silver 13J 1890 £380
    E748 W.H. Cave (Coventry made), Silver 9J 1892 £370
    E750 Roskell (Coventry made), Silver 13J 1895 £370

    J.W. Benson English and Swiss Pocket Watches

    E764 J.W. Benson "Bank" , Silver 11J 1904 £450
    E752 J.W. Benson "Bank", Silver 9J 1889 £450
    E756 John Cooke (Benson Bank), Silver 9J 1890 £425
    S799 J.W. Benson "Observatory Watch" (Tavannes), Silver 16J 1938 £380
    S824 J.W. Benson "Greenwich Watch" (Tavannes), Silver 15J 1932 £370
    S823 J.W. Benson "City Watch" (Tavannes), Silver 15J Half Hunter,1936 £500
    S828 J.W. Benson "City Watch" (Tavannes), Silver 15J 1938 £355
    S825 J.W. Benson "City Watch" (Tavannes), Silver 15J 1938 £345
    S798 J.W. Benson "City Watch" (Tavannes), Silver 15J 1937 £355

    American Pocket Watches

    W717 Waltham 1892-PSB 2-Tone, Chrome 17J 1907 £420
    W691 Waltham 1883-PSB, Gold 17J 1907 £400
    W711 Waltham 1888-American Watch Co., Gold 19J 1893 £2600
    W696 Waltham 1899-Vanguard, Gold 19J Hunter,1902 £650
    W701 Waltham 1908-Vanguard, Base Metal 23J 1942 £450
    W714 Waltham 1908-Riverside RR Watch, Gold 19J 1918 £500
    W697 Waltham 1908-PSB, Gold 17J Half Hunter,1908 £420
    W707 Waltham 1908-625, Gold 17J Half Hunter,1912 £400
    W704 Waltham 1908-620, Gold 15J Half Hunter,1912 £425
    W715 Waltham 1899-Traveler, Silver 7J Half Hunter,1903/4 £385
    W705 Waltham 1899-620 , Gold 15J 1902 £330
    W716 Waltham 1908-Traveler, Silver 7J Half Hunter,1927/8 £315
    W703 Waltham 1908-620, Chrome 15J 1908 £280
    W710 Waltham 1908-Equity, Silver 7J 1914 £275
    W694 Waltham 1908-Traveler, Silver 7J 1925/6 £240
    W706 Waltham 1908-Traveler, Base Metal 7J 1927 £250
    W709 Waltham 1908-Traveler, Silver 7J 1917/18 £285
    W682 Illinois Model 6 Bunn, Silveroid 17J 1899 £550
    W596 Elgin 1-18 , Silver 11J 1873 £325

    Swiss Pocket Watches

    S820 Stauffer "Peerless" (IWC Cal 57), Silver 15J 1904 £450
    S821 Stauffer "Peerless" (IWC Cal 52), Silver 15J 1900 £430
    S831 Stauffer (Revue), Gold 15J Half Hunter,c1930 £425
    S830 Stauffer "Peerless" (IWC Cal 52), Silver 15J 1912/13 £410
    S829 Stauffer (Revue), Nickel 15J c1930 £280
    S826 Omega, Silver 15J Half Hunter,1907/8 £385
    S795 Omega, Silver 15J 1914 £375
    S816 Omega, Silver 15J 1906 £375
    S817 Zenith, Gold 15J Hunter,1918 £440
    S805 Zenith, Gold 15J 1936/7 £370
    S746 Cyma Admiral, Silver 21J 1926 £375
    S822 Tavannes 919 Lepine, Gold 15J 1937/8 £300
    S624 Cyma, Silver 15J 1919 £260
    S659 Cyma 999, Silver 15J 1929 £265
    S703 Limit (Revue) , Silver 15J 1919 £280
    S682 DF&C Selezi (Revue), Silver 15J 1919 £305
    S549 Gaydon & Sons (Vertex / Revue), Silver 15J 1924 £290
    S705 Revue, Gold 15J c1930 £305
    S710 Kay's Keyless Triumph (Revue), Silver 15J 1928 £290
    S711 Limit (Revue), Silver 19J 1929 £340
    S712 Limit No2 (Revue), Silver 15J 1937 £250
    S809 Büren, Silver 15J 1926 £275
    S709 Unsigned Swiss, Silver 16J 1925 £290
    S832 Unsigned Swiss, Silver 17J 1917 £300

    Chronograph, Centre Seconds, Dress & Fob Watches.

    S808 Russell (W & M) Chronograph , Silver 15J Half Hunter,1880 £650
    E768 Rotherham Fob, Silver 19J Half Hunter,1907 £575
    E743 Vine & Thompson, Silver 11J Half Hunter,1891 £475
    W676 Waltham 1894-220, Gold 15J 1918 £270
    W387 Waltham 1894-220 , White Gold 15J 1920 £280

    Discounted Old Watches - mainly re-cased. Some may be listed under Brackley.

    E759 Rotherham for Page, Keen & Page. , Silver 191J c1915 £340
    W687 Waltham 1908-PSB, Silver 17J 1919 £325

    Brackley & Web Stock as @ 10:00 14th March.

    With the number of display cabinets and stands at the Brackley Antiques Cellar together with the large number of items sold each day it would be totally impractical for the staff to tell me when items have sold, so I usually have to go there to see what has sold, updates on Brackley stock will therefore be less frequent.

    W685 Waltham 1879-Wm Ellery, Silveroid 11J 1882 £300
    W708 Waltham 1908-610, Gold 7J Half Hunter,1927 £350
    W700 Waltham 1899-Traveler, re-cased Gold 7J 1903 £225
    W699 Waltham 1908-Traveler, re-cased Gold 7J Half Hunter,1913 £250
    W677 Keystone Howard Duracy, Silveroid 7J c1910 £275
    W576 Seth Thomas model 8 , Gold 7J 1896 £375
    E737 Errington for Pierce, Silver 9J 1903 £350
    S657 Omega., Nickel Silver 15J 1923 £350
    S781 Unsigned Swiss, Silver 15J Half Hunter,c1910 £380
    S692 Tavannes, Gold 15J c1913 £285
    S632 Cyma, Nickel Silver 7J 1924/5 £225
    S671 Cyma 999, Silver 15J 1929 £250
    S793 Sammes (Hand Landeron), Silver 15J c 1895 £350
    S429 Limit (Revue) , Silver 7J 1919 £250
    S690 Samuel "Acme Lever" (Büren), Silver 15J 1919 £275
    S791 Thos Russell (Doxa), Gold 15J c1920 £250
    S707 Unsigned Swiss, Silver 15J 1919 £265

    Market & Stock Updates.

    A good number of watches by Benson and a few very nice high end ones by Waltham came along in early November, other than that supply remains very limited (and through 9th December got much worse, only 1 watch acquired in the last 13 days!).
    Updated 25th November & 9th December 2016

    Some nice watches became available pre Christmas but many had major faults and /or went for a lot of money. Apart from 3 or 4 lucky finds there has been little of note since Christmas and the better watches have been rather too expensive. Only 7 watches acquired in the last 3 weeks - not good.
    Updated 13th &20th January 2017

    Previous updates can be found on this blog page

    Some Hopefully Useful Links

    Oxford Pocket Watches on Facebook
    Oxford Pocket Watches Blog.

    Horological Institutes, Societies etc.

    The British Horological Institute
    The Coventry Watch Museum Project

    Valuations & Selling

    Advice on selling old pocket watches

    I don't do repairs on watches I do not own, others do:

    I have no experience of any of these...

    The British Horological Institute - Repairers
    Renaissance Watch Repair (USA)
    The Clock Workshop, Witney

    Silver & Gold Watch Case repairs

    Not cheap but the few repairs I have had done have been excellent:
    Adam Phillips - Gold & Silver Smith - The "Watch Case Works"


    NAWCC Waltham Database
    Links re Watch Cases are on my Blog FAQs page
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